Tecnodraulic is a leading manufacturer and distributor of additional stabilizers, recycling and forestry cranes, baskets for operators, polyp grabs and other crane accessories and industrial vehicles.

Quality and experience

Thirty years of experience in the design and construction of additional stabilizers for boom trucks and industrial vehicles, has allowed us to get from the start a leading place in the industry.

Compliance with the European Directives, the choice of quality materials together with experience, guarantee our products a high standard of reliability and safety. These characteristics together with its excellent quality/price ratio have enabled us to establish ourselves not only on the Italian market, but also in Europe and in non-European countries.


The constant search for development and innovation promotes many years an improvement of our products in full compliance with the Regulations and European Directives of the crane industry and lifting equipment.

Certification ISO 9001: 2008 obtained in 2016 by WCS (World Certification Services) is further evidence of how the company’s business is conducted in compliance with the procedures established for the planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of processes manufacturing, construction and sale of additional stabilizers and crane accessories for trucks.


In 2005, shortly after its founding, we present patent application for our fastening system and the stabilizer cylinder adjustment.
The distinctive and innovative character of a system that gives the client the possibility to adjust the cylinders in a very simple and rapid way, while still maintaining the stability and solidity which are characteristic of the same stabilizer.
The deposit acceptance of the Patent becomes a reality not only in Italy, but, within a few months, in other European countries.



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